Dinner leftovers served around midnight to those coming off the 2000-2400 watch and to those going on the 0000-0400 (balls to four) watch onboard U.S. Naval Vessels.
There are four meals a day onboard ship: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midrats.
by s.p. (plankowner 88-91) April 14, 2006
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Midrated means something that is not well known, but is a burning pile of shit in quality. Mostly videos by kids that posts the random thing. May not be well known but bad!
Person 1: Do you know Monopoly for the Wii?
Person 2: Yeah, even though I love the Wii, Monopoly on the Wii is so fucking Midrated!
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US Navy term used to describe the act of sneaking off to a fan room between 2200-0200 to eat out someone’s ass.
Hey man, it all good with the boat boo?

Yeah, took him out for Midrats last night.
by Dirty not so tiny dancer March 20, 2023
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