Dinner leftovers served around midnight to those coming off the 2000-2400 watch and to those going on the 0000-0400 (balls to four) watch onboard U.S. Naval Vessels.
There are four meals a day onboard ship: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midrats.
by s.p. (plankowner 88-91) April 14, 2006
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The scale of rating that is between overrated and underrated. Some people knows it and some people don’t, thus which is neutral.
Person 1: Man pop music nowadays are overrated as hell!

Person 2: I agree, I want the good ol’ days underrated music like punk rock from 80s or disco music!

Person 1: Disco was actually midrated though.

Person 2: The hell is “midrated” means?
by Midrated June 14, 2019
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