Musician unable to understand or use a MIDI interface. MIDI (Musicial Instrument Digital Interface) is a 20+ year old protocol that lets electronic musical instruments talk to each other.
I can't figure out how to use my new controller. I must be a complete midiot.
by Dafduc June 21, 2005
someone who knows nothing about nothing
keith's the most pathetic midiot i've ever seen.
by midiotmcgee September 7, 2010
A drawnback midiot is an individual who has a mental retardation. They generally have low intelligence and have the mentality of someone a lot younger than them.
James is 17 but is stuck in 7th grade. He has no basic logic and makes stupid jokes. He's a real drawnback midiot.
by Kolosis August 18, 2018
An idiot who leaves everything for the last minute.
Henry is such a last midiot, he did nothing for 3 months and now he complains.
by E. to the B. January 27, 2012