John “ew, have seen his/her hair! It has a middle parting in it!”
The bitch “omg, what a slag...”
by Loooooooooololololololol spam December 22, 2017
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Middle Part also known as genitalia.

For females it would be your vee jayjay or vagina.
For makes it would be your weiner or penis.
James: Hey babe let's do it?
Becky: Do what?

James: God Becky you know, IT!

Becky: OMG, James you want to insert your middle part into my middle part?!
You're so gross! Take me home!
by Rofromtheville May 31, 2011
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Looking good or cute with one's hair parted in the middle. Often refers to childhood photos, or balding men, sarcasticly.
He is really rocking the middle part in that picture!
by observer drone February 3, 2012
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