One who gains a cult or mainstream following due to viral internet distribution. Does not refer to those who have gained limited or cult followings through traditional media. Does not refer to has-beens or "B-list" celebrities.
Lonelygirl15 was nothing until YouTube made her a microcelebrity. Clint Howard is a D-list celebirty, not a microcelebrity.
by Brandon Li September 14, 2006
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Someone who believes that 30,000 followers makes them famous. Often fitness YouTubers or Instagram record producers with 5,000 followers and a verified tag. Often found in the comment sections of @rap, @6ixbuzztv, or @worldstar.
Mike: Hey John! Lucas Hamilton just liked my post!

John: Who?

Mike: Lucas Hamilton! You know, the guy up the street who has 9,000 followers!

John: Wait, the internet microcelebrity dude?
by Le dieu du PEI July 31, 2021
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a person, usually a twitter user, with a relatively small following, though with a few viral posts or “notices”.
1000 followers?? I’m in my niche internet microcelebrity era
by doubledareya April 4, 2022
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