A type of sex position involving two men where one manages to cum in the other without the other man even knowing that he is part of the sexual act. Usually done while the man on the receiving end is drunk or drinking.
How do they do it? I got the Sneaky Mickey and I never even felt it!
by Seryllian December 16, 2017
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A person that looks like they would be in a UN Children's Fund AD.
Person 1: "Damn, he is skinny"
Person 2: "Skinny Mickey right here"
by kingknb July 03, 2020
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When Andy drugs a person “usually well endowed” then puts his lips around your penis!
Old fuck cheese slipped me a mickey every night this month!

Slip a mickey
by CaptainStabbins74 January 01, 2020
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Creator of
The term "Fail"
Windows Vista
The "teabag"
Conquering Potato is his adj. name
"I'm going to Vince Mickey you in the vagina."

by God's brother Steve April 25, 2008
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