michelly is a REALLY smart girl. She's pretty too. she is a very good friend to be with, if you have a michelly in your life, don't let her go. she will be there with you when your in tears or just not doing well. michelly is athletic; a sport she's good at is running. she has a sense of humor and laughs a lot...most of the time she would have different laughs. when she has a crush, its very rare. michelly deserves the world she's soo amazing
person: is that the michelly everyone is talking about? she looks nice.
me: yea that's michelly, glad to be her friend
by zamemnamina October 10, 2018
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Michelly is the type of girl that is usually funny

Her friends loves her and laugh with her all the time she is the hottest of the group

She is usually curvaceous with long black her and green sexy eyes and big lips her is is usually big too.

She is down the earth she is a very loyal and faithful girl when she is in a relationship. The man that will marry her is a lucky men!
Look at Michelly she looks like a goddess

Omg I want to marry a Michelly!!!.
by Mbarbie November 21, 2018
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(Michellie) is mostly common in Brazil which is mostly known for a girl . (Michellie) “......has at least 12,014 0f the worlds poupularity “.(Michellie ) also stands for joy and the love of nature . Michellie is pronounced (mi-she’ll-y) also can be spelt( Michele )
by Chloe vidora March 21, 2018
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Michelli is a girl with inner beauty and is afraid to let it show. She needs people to push her out of her comfort zone and get her to explore more things. She helps everyone and needs the same back. Michelli is stuck in a place in her life where she just needs to shine.
We must help Michelli find compassion in her heart.
by Geek-Freak March 2, 2017
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