A public ivy league school located in the beautiful Oxford, Ohio. It was founded in 1809, years before Florida even became a state, and 120 years before the University of Miami (Florida) was instituted. It is a mid-sized school known for its top ranked business and education programs along with its incredibly attractive student body. North Faces, polo’s and Greek letters are a staple, and weekends are never boring. Hockey is our sport, even though we still don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan.
Your time at Miami University will be the best four years of your life.
by miamigirl November 14, 2006
A public ivy league school in Ohio with a lot of white snobbish rich people located in Oxford, Ohio that's more than 120 years older than the University of Miami, Florida.

There are some amazingly gorgeous women that goto that school. Dress code there is monogrammed J.Crew with gears wearing pearls and pink popped collars.

The campus is one of the most beautiful in the nation.
I'm goin' to Miami University, Miami of Ohio dawg!
by Miami Univ. is in Ohio damnit! January 15, 2005
(Miami girls)
Ugg Boots
Sunglasses that cover at least 3/4 of the whole face
North Face jacket
credid card signed in daddys name
bitch attitude
pesonalized sorority bags (none other than vera bradley)
popped collars (never went out of style...just never was in style)
horribly fake tan
vera bradley bag
weight limit 130 lbs (except on North Quad, Rugby/basketball/volleyball, in general manly women)
vocabulary consisting mostly of the words totally, like, oh my god, also shortening of words like... vacation to vaca ect.

actual overheard conversation at Miami University.....
"Jessica, oh my god your not going to believe this, so... I just talked to my parents and we got in a huge fight. My dad says I actually have to get a job this summer....
by miami student October 19, 2006
A great university known for its beautiful campus, business school, and attractive women with questionable morals. It is a fantastic place to spend four years and well-respected amongst future employers from almost any field. Many people speak negatively of the University either because they can't gain admission, can't afford it, or they go to a university in Ohio that won't get them a job when they graduate. In any case, it has its problems, as does any school, such as over-privileged students with no concept of money or the real world. However, it has many students that are paying for school with loans and hard work. Also, it is the quintessential college campus.
by Redhawks January 10, 2007
A public university located in the small town of Oxford, Ohio, Miami University is a fairly large school that is often confused with University of Miami (located near the Florida city). Its athletic teams are known as the Redhawks and play in the Mid-American Conference, or MAC. A very high proportion of the student body belongs to a fraternity or sorority, which is somewhat unusual amongst Midwestern universities.

Miami supporters like to claim that it's a public ivy, and while there is a credited list of public ivies, it's fairly large and includes Ohio State University among dozens of others. Miami supporters also like to claim that Miami is the best public university in the state of Ohio; however, OSU is much better-known and consistently ranks above it in practically every college ranking publication. Most people outside of academia or the state of Ohio consistently confuse this school with the one in Florida.

Despite the fact that Miami University is a public, i.e. comparatively cheap, university in a reasonably diverse state, its student body is unusually white and wealthy. Miami University is an above-average university, nobody can reasonably dispute this. However, its superiority complex is ridiculous; there's nothing wrong with being the second-best public school in one of the most populated states in the country.
High School Senior 1: I'm pretty excited, I just got into Miami University!
High School Senior 2: Cool, I'm going to OSU in the fall.
HSS1: Dude, that sucks! I'll be going to a public ivy whooo!!!!
HSS2: WTF does that mean?
HSS1: That means it's the best school outside of Yale, MIT, Stanford, and Duke, dudebra!
HSS2: You realize that the ivy league is a sports conference; MIT, Stanford, and Duke are not in it, right?
HSS1: Look nerdbra, look at the college rankings! You're just jealous!
HSS2: I just looked up the US News and World Report. OSU: 53. Miami: 77.
HSS1: Look nerdbra, you're just jealous that you won't get to party with my frat bros, bra!
HSS2: This is getting ridiculous. I'm gonna go study for my AP test.
HSS1: Nerd!!!!!
by iLikeSoup February 16, 2010
A severely overrated school in Ohio and a severely underrated school to the rest of America.
Miami University is the Disneyland of Colleges.
by Ithaca_brody81 June 30, 2009
The state university in Ohio that wishes it could be more like it's older sibling Ohio University (1804).

Populated by rich assholes who like to feel as if they are superior to everyone else. At Miami, you are what you wear.

A school also known for their successful athletic teams, which garner no student support.
"Friends don't let friends go to Miami."

"Today we salute you trendy Miami girl. In your pointed-toes stilettos, you understand that having blisters and cramped pinky toes is a small price to pay for the approval of your peers. Sure, your Vera Bradley bag and oversized pearls may appear to have been stolen from your grandmother, but we rest assured that your daddy bought them for you fair and square. And yes, you may be snobby to every guy that appraoches you, but we know that you're only doing them a favor by helping them understand that they are, in fact, gay. So here's to you trendy Miami girl, because everyone knows that behind your dyed blonde hair and falsely-tanned skin there sits a real person in the driver seat of that lexus SUV; and that real person... is a pale brunette."
by Dave Zillion April 6, 2005