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when a hispanic friend just keeps on talking and talking and talking...(so to make a long story longer...)....NOOOOOOO!!!!
...the other day i was talking to alvin and he was wearing his boots, the ones that are brown and he wore to the party at jessie's but i wanted him to wear the black ones but he obviously didn't care so he ignored me anyways and i don't care...really, i don't care anymore but i still have to pick up my mother later today and take her grocery shopping and i don't care, i am so over him...i can't help it...tha'ts the mexicaca talking...
by crepsuzett1 September 06, 2013
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"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
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Mexicaca is a derogatory term that is used when someone talks about a Mexican. It is usually used by a non Mexican Latino but other races have been known to use the term as well. The literal translation of Mexicaca is Mexi-Shit as caca means shit in Spanish.

The reason a Latino would normally use the word is because of US culture grouping every Latino as a Mexican. Thus hate grew towards the Mexican because they feel Mexico represents nothing of them and their home country. Others feel when they are called "Mexican" they are seen with the usual stereotypes of a Mexican.
John: "Hey Juan, where are you from?"
Juan: "Panama"
John: "What part of Mexico is that?"
Juan: "Shut your racist shit up! I'm not a Mexicaca!"

Pedro: "Mira ese Mexicaca." "El piensa que es la gran mierda!"
translation: Look at that Mexicaca. He thinks he's the shit!

Pablo: "Simon!" "Sucio culero." "Por eso odio esos Mexicacas!"
translation: Yeah man! Dirty faggot. That's why I hate those Mexicacas!
by 14th Street DC July 17, 2010
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1. It's a demeaning term that other Latinos use when they talk about a Mexican. Caca in Spanish means shit. Most Latinos think they're better than Mexicans, and see Mexicans as inferiors.

2. The word mexicaca originated in the 70's or 80's as a racial slur against Mexicans.
The ugly mexicaca is a midget.
I can't stand that mexicaca music. Mexicacas are peasants and have no class.
by Questone June 14, 2010
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Mexicaca is a racially motivated insult that originated in the late '70s against any Mexican walking down the street. Mexicaca is a cruel word to insult a Mexican at a party, school or work. Latins who hate Mexicans claim that Mexicans smell like shit and that's the reason why they call them Mexicacas.
Mario: Look at those dwarfs Mexicacas singing the Mexican anthem. ha ha
Javier: Mexicacas don't look like human beings, dude, they look like they're dwarfs from another planet. ha ha
by war333 August 03, 2010
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