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when a hispanic friend just keeps on talking and talking and talking...(so to make a long story longer...)....NOOOOOOO!!!!
...the other day i was talking to alvin and he was wearing his boots, the ones that are brown and he wore to the party at jessie's but i wanted him to wear the black ones but he obviously didn't care so he ignored me anyways and i don't care...really, i don't care anymore but i still have to pick up my mother later today and take her grocery shopping and i don't care, i am so over him...i can't help it...tha'ts the mexicaca talking...
by crepsuzett1 September 06, 2013

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who wouldn't want to know someone from 91201? or 10001? it just makes them so much cooler without even knowing them....can you imagine living there?
i wasn't interested in paula until i had zipcode envy when i saw she lives in 91201 area...she's now my new bestie!!!!
by crepsuzett1 September 27, 2013

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when someone really bothers you and you can't think of anything else but to clit slap that person so they'll get the clear message to back off.
if he even dares to walk over to me right now i will clit slap him so hard he will wish he left me alone.
by crepsuzett1 September 22, 2013

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