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when a straight guy acts gay
a guy who:
1. straightens his hair
2. wears designer clothes
3. listens to pop
4. has a voice a little bit higher than the average male
5. you would mistake for a gay, but is actually 100% straight
6. someone who gets pissed off very easily (emotional)
7. cries a lot
8. hangs out with girls
9. brags about hanging out with male friends
10. goes to the mall a lot
11. edits pictures on picnik

okay, so you're not gay, you aren't bi, but how could you be straight? there's only one reason for this! you have a metro sexuality

that guy in skinny jeans dancing to justin timberlake has a metro sexuality
by hellosunshine11 March 26, 2009
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The sexual attraction to buses.
"So, this guy like dresses in tight girl jeans and plucks his eyebrows and is like totally metrosexual."
"What? No he's not. See that guy humping that bus? THAT guy has metrosexuality."
by Teh ACH April 08, 2010
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When an alleged "straight" man enjoys being feminine in a non-flamboyant way. A metrosexual would enjoy such festivities such as make-overs, putting on make up, getting his hair "done", putting on body spray scented with either cucumber melon, raspberry, mango or any other fruit-like smell, and constantly looking at themselves in the mirror. These men also tend to be bulimic because they are afraid of being fat and can be seen on any episode of American Idol, either as the host, judge (Simon Cowell), or as a contestant.
Ryan Seacrest is a metrosexual whore.
I'm sorry I savagely beat you, it was because your metrosexuality was showing.
Girrrrl I was at the salon and the most festive metrosexual did my hair, as a thank you gift I gave him a steamy bowl of mung.
by ashface June 02, 2004
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To be sexually excited by the Paris underground railway (subway) system
Jean-Paul would stand for hour on the plateform playing out his darkest fantasies.He was not ashamed of his Metrosexuality.
by black flag May 30, 2004
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