An elite gamer who personifies strategery and brilliant tactics over brute force speed.
Methos is the Gaming World's Most Electrifying Player.
by Anonymous June 5, 2003
Methos is the oldest immortal in the highlander universe. At least 5,000 years old he does not remember his life before taking his first head. He is sybaritic, self centered, and reluctantly heroic. They should have made the spin off about him instead of Amanda.
Man, that Methos is one old dude.
by Cleo of the Cat People July 15, 2004
Australian and British slang for a person addicted to drinking methylated spirits (denatures alcohol, for the Yanks reading this.) They would mix in orange juice (used to kill the taste) and often fall into incoherent rants and ramblings that make those of methamphetamine users seem coherent by comparison. They did, however, make much more sense than the rants of many of the talking heads found on Sky News and other cable channels operated by the Murdoch Apparat.

They were quite often found in local parks and places like Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Queensland.
"Oh dear. The metho has been in the turps again."
by RTM 1963 May 22, 2022
The worlds elitest gamer. He uses his immense skill to overcome his enemys in dramatic styles.
by Metho1 November 1, 2008
A nickname for a meth head or user of methamphatamine.
Dave: Oi Damo, check out that sketchy metho over there!

Damo: Farrrrrk me! I wonder if she is chasin'...
by True Blue Dard August 2, 2018