The word metasexual is based upon the premise that the physical body, the physical world, and the physical act of sex are illusions. This word refers to the hidden fields of sexuality that are above and beyond the physicality of sexual nature and activity. The coming together and co-mingling of two energetic magnetic bodies for the purpose of metasexual activity will inherently be perceived in the physical world only as a physical act or random spontaneous movements, increased breathing, random vocalization and intonation. However, the two energetic fields that involved in the experience of this connection will perceive it as something spiritual, emotional, physical, and utterly life changing. These individuals will no longer be satisfied with sex purely on a physical level, as their consciousness is transformed and awakened to something higher and deeper both within themselves and the core of humanity. These individuals will make better choices concerning potential partners, and will change their behaviors effortlessly to ones that are more conducive to peaceful and loving relationships.
"Metasexuality transformed the core of my being."

"Two metasexuals came together to transform and awaken."

"My sexual life took a turn when I began to perceive a metalsexual life."
by Dr. Kristopher February 26, 2008
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Person (typically a Software Engineer) sexually attracted to the idea of working at Meta Labs, the number one Dashboard solution!
James wants to work at Meta Labs so bad, I think he's metasexual.
by Jazzzi January 6, 2021
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beyond orgasmic - the ultimate high where you don't know whether to laugh or cry it's so metaphysical/sexual; being one with your body in ways you never experienced; an almost out of body experience where you are beyond
when i climax, it's a metasexual experience!
by Cindy Kona February 25, 2008
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A metasexual is someone who is aroused only by references to the sex they are having, rather than the sex itself.
"We are having sex right now!"
"This knowledge arouses me!"
"You are such a flaming metasexual."
by Zig Awesome July 3, 2007
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