Talking about urban dictionary outside the context of the definition for Urban Dictionary.
Dave: Hi reader scrolling through the definition of Meta! How are ya?
Julia: Why the fuck are you talking to reader Dave? We’ve talked about breaking the fourth wall .
by 69 Is A Number February 11, 2019
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A smart organised girl with a great personality. Name is some German shit
Person1: look at her, she is such a meta
Person2: yeah, you have no chance with her
by Pwl October 25, 2018
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Meta is an acronym that stands for "Most Effective Tactic(s) Available" in gaming. The meta(s) can be used by gamers to have the upper advantage against beating other gamers or to beat the game itself. Despite the acronym "Most Effective Tactic(s) Available", metas can be a strategy, action, or method that's in the game. Metas can be broken (overpowered) and if used too much, can annoy other players and earns you the reputation of a spammer if it's a habit. Metas can also just be useful in some cases as well as sometimes being a last-resort sort of thing.
Gamer 1: Bro have you seen the meta lately?
Gamer 2: Hell yeah bro. That shit BROKEN.
by rss_atlas April 14, 2019
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That was the "meta" play. Usually referring to tactical game play.
by NvProcision January 26, 2019
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Meta is a name given to an amazingly beautiful girl. (Translating in other languages as pearl). Girls named Meta are usually, beautiful, artistic, hilarious, loyal, outgoing, kinky and very lovable. These girls are keepers and are always hard to get, but they are worth it. They are good in bed and will always suprise you. They are also very unpredictable and you will never know whats gunna happen next.
by chuchutrain0202 February 03, 2010
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Meta is a Greek prefix meaning to go beyond. So when you meta someone's drink, you go beyond the acceptable amount. When one asks if they can taste your drink, then they chug half of it.
Sure you can have a sip, just don't meta that shit.

I smacked that ho after she metad my drink.

I just opened that 40oz, and now that she has metad it I have barely any left.
by The Old Milk Man October 28, 2010
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