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to completely own somebody. kill them.
to stab somebody from behind is to merq somebody
by joey781 November 06, 2007
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MERQ is an acronym that stands for Make 'Em Rage Quit. It's very similar to the verb, merk, which means to beat someone, kill someone, insulting someone, or injuring someone. But in this context, you're making them "rage quit" instead.
Bro! I'm beating this kid 6-0 on FIFA! -guy leaves- HA! I made 'em rage quit! MERQ'd. Lawlzlawlzlawlz
by Mr.MERQ October 23, 2011
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Another word for "fuck"
Yo dog you merqin with me?
(Yo dog you fuckin with me?)
Man i really merqed the shit out of that bitch last night.
(Man i really fucked the shit out of that bitch last night.
by pizzaaaaallll July 30, 2008
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