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Merping - The act of smiling in a tight lipped grin.
Perfect example, Google "Me merping with scraggly hair in 1994" the child on the left......Lights
by ibewcountry June 29, 2011
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A collection of any and all pre or post-coital activities centering around the lying on your bed for a period of an hour or more with a partner. General activities include sex, cuddling, and any combination of the two.

Merping usually takes place when a pair decides to get high, thus weed can be seen as an integral part of merping. Although integral, it is by no means essential.
My girlfriend and I love merping after a long day at work.
by pattersfb October 20, 2010
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Merping is the art of eating a medium rare steak off of an accomplices head, anything other than medium rare is a challenge of chivalric combat to the death
Ugh Iā€™d so merp on that hot girl over there

by (āŠ™ļ¼æāŠ™) September 13, 2018
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