a city in connecticut popular for its plethora of drugs. commonly separated by "south meriden" "east meriden" or "downtown", each area of the city provides an ecletic array of residents; as well as either a homely or ghetto atmosphere.
"i aint no east side bitch, im from downtown meriden"
by Facie August 22, 2008
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A magical place where unicorns and idiots live. A city run by liars in office who spend money like it grows on trees. A place with unpaved roads for months. Drugs can be had at any street corner. The mayor likes to ski himself. His singing is so bad you'll want to end your life when you hear it. The city is also full of degenerates and hoes. If your shit ain't locked down it'll be stolen or some other guy will be in your girl. Oh yes the police chief is the biggest slumlord in the whole town.
Meriden is a shit hole town with high taxes and shitty police
by keepinitreal79 August 22, 2017
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Meriden is a town/city located in CT. There\'s a lot of confusion going around about this place so being a resident I\'m gonna try and clear it up. Currently, Meriden is more or less a \"ghetto\" but it does certainly have some nicer suburban places. There are 4 kinds of people.

1. \"Ghetto\" people, who live in housing or apartments right outside or inside of the city or downtown, like myself. Beware Franklyn Street and Chamberlain Heights!

2. \"Middle Class\" residents who for some reason refuse to get off their high horse and refuse to admit that they don\'t like living here and unadmittedly spend most of their time inside because \"it\'s getting bad\".

3. \"Suburban\" white families who mostly inhabit South Meriden or some of the more nicer areas further from the city.

4. \"Middle Class\" people who don\'t give a crap about the town regardless and are happy to have a place to live.

Meriden, while seemingly worthless, actually has alot going on under the hood. The action is mainly unrealized by your average person. For suburban families, it\'s a good place to start off being a rich suburban snot. For gangsters, it\'s a good ghetto to start off in. There is Crack and Weed up to your chin here, but word has it that good weed is getting hard to find. What many people don\'t know is that it has easy and quick access to the highways. It\'s used as a hideout or \"sorting grounds\" for crime. The drugs come in from the shore, out of town, whatever, and are sorted out here, given to whomever, then POOF. It goes onto the highways and all throughout new england. For ghetto rats from places like New Haven or Hartford, it\'s a hideout known as the Dirty Den. Home to a few motorbike gangs which are basically what keep the town from being taken over by loudmouth Latin gangs. Meriden also has some connections to the Mob up in New York. The worthless looking place it is makes it the perfect front for big time crime. So much for your quiet pretty little New England home town now eh?

Hope that clears things up.
Suburban Kid: \"I\'ve never been to Chamberlain Heights.\"
Ghetto Kid: \"Of course, you have no reason to be there.\"

Local Government Guy #1: \"How about we waste more taxpayer money by installing fancy street lamps on all the crappy criminal streets?\"

Local Government Guy #2: \"Great idea! Let\'s also make sure the sidewalks stay bumpy and broken with glass shards all over them!\"

Overall Meriden can be a rich snobs heaven, or a gangsta\'s paradise. It really depends on who you are.

by whiskerbiscuit January 12, 2007
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The is what it is; the dirty den; shithole; place known for its homeless people, countless rape vans, and the daffodil festival.
Meriden doesn't deserve an example.
by lilmama123 August 1, 2008
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Living here means you either deal drugs or deal drugs, that is that.
"West side meriden is were I sell ..."
by Iknowitbrofoff December 3, 2020
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Shootings around downtown meriden almost every day of the week, If your shit isn't locked down it will be stolen or some "guy will be inside of your girl" The partys here are great if your considering major hearing loss and lack of eyesight. Stay AWAY from the west side you will die. Normally making eye contact is polite, but if you do it here you will get into a fist fight. The "middle finger" here is a sign of respect unless your driving, then they will follow you to your house. The east side is middle class, the south side is for the suburban white familys who think their rich. If this wasnt made clear you are NOT rich if you live in meriden.
"Its Meriden hot Murrrednnn, but you do you"
by Iknowitbrofoff December 4, 2020
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Unlike another definition of Meriden, it’s actually a pretty good school. So some people think that the students wear extremely short skirts, but they are forced to wear skirts that go up to their knees. Sometimes longer. And when they do wear skirts, they have to wear stockings as well, so the other ‘definition’ is an obvious lie. There are girls who simp for boys they meet but those are usually in the younger grades. Meriden performs well in academics, being one of the tome twenty schools in Sydney for many years. The teachers are extremely strict about school uniform policies, so when there is a violation, the student is given a demerit or detention.
Meriden School is one of the best girls’ schools in Sydney, despite opinions of some people.
by stopspreadingrumors May 16, 2021
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