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A thought from your past that keeps affecting your future.
I hope when I get old, my memory fails me. That way I'll have nothing to regret.
by Slogmeister Extraordinaire December 25, 2007
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Memories can be good or bad they can make someone upset or make them smile some memories we wish to forget but we can't some memories we do forget and remember years later memories never end because you always make new ones
I have so many memories of this place
by Potter_Autumn October 02, 2017
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1. Reflections of how one PRECIEVES things really happened.
2. Personal or collective revisions.
I have very few fond memories
by nethcev! September 04, 2006
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She got hips, she got a good form, a lot of ass, don't need to have more, shawty short and cute
Guy 1: Ayoo look at shawty over there.
Guy 2: Wuhgg!, you talking about her?
Guy 1: Yessir, she caught my eye.
Guy 2: She looking like a memory shuuu!
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by December 31, 2020
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