The worst possible hand in poker.

The nuts is the best possible hand.
For example there is Ace King 2 3 4 on board, the melons would be 5 6.
by hitch July 17, 2005
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Something that is twice as large as what you would expect it to be. Disproportionatly large. Normally used in relation to fruit, especially melons.
Wow, that watermelon is twice as big as what I would expect it to be! It truly is melonic!

That fifty foot tall statue of a cantaloup is of melonic proportions!
by Andrev Jakstone October 03, 2005
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Melonism is a religion that is equal to communism and melon
INotDumb is a creator of Melonism
by INotDumb December 16, 2019
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A trigger word in Façade, a artificial-intelligence game test, which makes Trip react like you said something offensive, mostly leading into kicking you out.
Trip: Hi! How are you!
Kha: melon
Trip: You know what? I think you should leave. We'll be fine, just GO.
by outformyown February 02, 2012
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The act of smacking another's forehead as a sign and act of derision.
That wicker fool done gone swiped my pewter so I gone and laid a melon on him.
by Sinbad Poon January 09, 2005
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1. Enormously large breasts, usually white women have them
2. Very large, firm breasts
Whoa, dude, check out the melons on that Nordic fox.
by Steagles February 14, 2006
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