1. A yellow, round and juicy fruit that is usually about the size of a football. It is commonly sliced up and de-seeded before serving. There are quite a few variants of the fruit including the popular water melon
"Im hungry man. You got anything in your fridge?"
"Not really. I think there might be some water melon in there though"
by Damien Coughlan November 10, 2005
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Melone the purple-haired twink.
He wears a leather bodysuit and tries to fuck every person he comes into contact with.
He has a Stand that impregnates women (BabyFace)
Ghiaccio: Why is Melone tryna fuck everyone?
Illuso: Who cares, he's hot
by Risottos cumjar October 22, 2020
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Euphemistic phrase for a fatal skull injury. Normally used in conjunction with an adjective (see below).
The driver was ejected from the car, and got a pavement melon.
by RomanThorne September 03, 2015
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When used as an adjective, Melon is an insult. However, it is used mainly in a joking sense. If one wants to offend someone or have a comeback, melon is not very suited to this. Used as a Noun, Melon (or most commonly Melons) can be a slang word for breasts. Synonyms for Melon are words such as nob and dumbfuck.
Student A: I forgot to bring my test preparation papers.
Student B: Of course you did ya Melon.
by bennyboy123yetheboys November 27, 2018
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A fantastic blowjob. See also: head succ becky
Dude, sometimes you just need some really good melon to get your mind off of things.
by Verber March 20, 2018
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