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A sexy goddess who will fight anyone who throws shade. She is very loving and is a freak in the sheets. She is the type of girl who will get very popular very fast and has a very rich future ahead of her. She is the most loyal friend you will ever find on the face of this earth but could also be a bitch and gossip alot.
Sexy Get you a Melaney Love Loyal Gossiper
by Cara Danvers March 14, 2017
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Melaney, an unforgettable,gorgeous, loving, sarcastic human being. Everyone loves her because she knows how to lighten up the room with her laugh, sarcasm and personality. She walks in and shoots rainbows out of her was. Melaney has pretty blue hair, perfect brown eyes, and a beautiful body. She might be one of the most popular girls. Has a great amount of friends but only some know her truly. But nobody wants to get on her bad side or else all hell is let out. She'll always love her friends and family but never loose get trust. She's a goddess with the gift of beauty, love, power, humor and booty. Melaney attracts every guy she meets. The men fawn over her and fall deeply in love with her laughter, goofiness, jokes, eyes, feet and body. Melaneys are naturally born with a big booty, big lips and hips. People know she's a keeper. She'll always be done for you if your 120% down for her. She loves with all her heart. Even though she grew up with disasters, tragedy, death and sadness she will always have a beautiful smile on. Keep her by your side at all times because she's loyal, loving, and really short. She may not know hip hop but she can dance to Prince Royce. Melaney will fall for your personality and humor but her all time favorite is black people. She has loved them. Melaney has always loved Morris Chestnut because of his great body, puppy dog eyes, lips, height and smile. So if you sound anything like that your her Mrs. Right.
Fanny - That girl is such a queen
Victor - Of course, her name is Melaney
Ivy - Wow she so sweet, such a Melaney
Isabel - Yeah maybe but she can be a real bitch too
by Nata666 July 02, 2018
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