Wow! look at that guy right there, let me get my shotgun and meatshot him.
by carnagejohnson September 7, 2008
To be punched in the genitals, inhumanly hard, usually done to a male.
I told him not to touch my damn oreos, he didn't listen, by law a meatshot was in order.
by May 16, 2003
V.) To punch (or be punched) inhumanly hard in the testicles, (people afab cannot receive meatshots) usually enough to knock someone to their knees.
V.) In the context of gaming and/or firearms: The act of shooting someone with a shotgun (or any scatter type gun) super close to an enemy in hopes of completely ruining their body with no recovery.
Desc 1:

1: "hey dude, did you see that guy get hit in the balls?"
2: "yeah, dude who punched gave him the mother of all meatshots"
Desc 2:
1: "There's a scout running around, meatshotting everyone, someone kill him"
2: "on it"
by ThatOneHumann September 26, 2022