(in photography): Someone, almost always a guy, who gets so caught up in the technical specs of a camera to the point of endlessly repeating stats in numerous online forum postings and arguing which camera is better solely on specs; who conversely almost never takes any pictures.
"Did you hear Phil got a new camera?"

"Of course I did, how could I not? That measurebator has been spewing nothing but megapixels and JPG and RAW and other crap ever since he got it. The only way to shut him up is to ask to see a photo he's taken with it."
by sbphotographer April 2, 2010
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To derive pleasure from obtaining or analyzing measurements
Joe: I think it needs to go three millimeters your way...
Frank: Stop that measurebation, just set it down!
by oggfile June 11, 2008
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Jerking off over numbers; getting excited about product specs/features.

Many people (especially guys) get excited about specs vs performance. "Dude, it's got 500 cubic inches of power" or "It can play HEVC."

vs someone who cares about what something actually does instead.
John's measurebating over his new iPhone 6. He won't have it for a week but he's all excited over how much better it is than his Galaxy S3.

"That dude is a total measurebator. He never actually drives a car, he just reads magazines and talks about big engines."

He prefers to measurebate over the magazine instead of actually using the product.
by Videogeek September 17, 2014
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