A chinchilla that is bad
Omg Milo dont bite!=
(Milo bites he is a bad chinchilla)
Oh my is that a me low!
by Binkers December 23, 2020
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BE-LOW-ME is just another way of saying blow me bitch! A way of saying it for retards who can't understand BLOW ME!
Hey you! why don't you get on your knees and BE LOW ME!!!!!

Hey Bitch stop filling your mouth with this bullshit and get your knee pads so you can BE LOW ME!!!!
by The Outlaw Chris April 3, 2005
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When you try to dis somebody withought them knowing you actually did
Chris: yo ima get me sum shoez like mary!! (but they really ugly)
Mary: Shut up Chris, don't try to carry me on da low
by samm!3 March 7, 2007
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