McKinney is a Scottish last name that means to have great peace in mind and that you will have a good future. It also has been to see that you can over think something or someone when you do or meat them for the first time
by Queen.Emma December 22, 2015
It’s very rare if you meet a McKinney. She is one in a million. She is beautiful, amazing, smart, and sweet. If you ever need someone to listen to your problems she will be there. But I must warn you, don’t get on her bad side, it’s dark over there. She’s very mysterious. People who know her love her.
That girl McKinney is Amazing!

We should invite McKinney to hang out!
by Summer Mac March 13, 2019
Anyone with this last name is a massive fuckin Chad and has a horse sized thundercock
by Thegrandmaster2010 May 21, 2021
The hottest fucking person you’ll ever meet.

If you ever get with a McKinney your set for all eternity!
Dude: whoa! There goes _______McKinney if you date her/him your set for life!

Other dude: yah she’s so hot
Comic from New Hampshire, who helps see the humorous side of New England Life. “Instead Of Live Free or die” our motto should be “live, Freeze, and die.”
#NH #Granite State #Funny
Saw Juston McKinney in Manchester NH last night. Never fails to amaze Me.
by Caca Joe November 25, 2018
A model and actress, best known for her Carl's Jr. commercial, filled with cringe visual allegories for her breasts being huge.

But she recently lost a lot of weight, to anorexic levels, mostly to be taken seriously as an actor in Hollywood, making the commercial seem a lot more nostalgic.
Dude, have you seen that Carl's Jr. ad, man, I sure would like to dig into those patties.

Yeah, too bad she looks more like a French fry now, than a Quarter Pounder...

What are you talking about?

You know, Charlotte McKinney, the model with the small but formerly attributed big tits, what are you talking about?

I'm talking about the Beyond BBQ burger, you know the meat-free substitute burger they keep advertising...

by GregoryBaskins12963 June 14, 2020
Moonbat, racist, anti-america psycho Congresswoman whose election to office proves that Dekalb County Georgia voters are not social drinkers, they are morning-till-night alcoholics!
Cynthia McKinney is a racist lunatic. Her election to office is the best example of Self Disenfranchisement ever seen in American Politics.
by Personal Responsibility August 8, 2006