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the shit, describes any person who is cool, dope, or fly
that nigga is mccord, i am so mccord
by mike mccord July 06, 2008
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The classic rendition of males corduroy mid-leg pants. Can be compared to the "jort," a combination of jeans and men's shorts. Very swagga-esque.
"Dang, he looks good in those mccords."
by Jonnnnnny APPPLESEEEEDS. November 27, 2011
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A McCord is a cock sucking cunt ass nigga that likes dick in his mouth and 100% not straight. Usually has curly hair like a fuckboy but cant get a girlfriend but sure as hell could get a boyfriend. Has a horrible jawline but thinks its amazing. Will probably stab you in the back at some point. Does some gay shit like call is guy friends cute and think nothing of it.
You see that faggot over there?

Yeah thats McCord hes a major fucker and nobody loves him except for his boyfriend.
by fuk my deick April 27, 2019
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