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a wild child that needs help
she never follows the rules and if you know one run away cos she cray

they are cray over anime boys
she looves food so much that she cant even fit into her jeans anymore and shes too broke to buy new ones
"maymun why you so cray" said by her younger sister
by wild_child127 March 02, 2018
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shes A rude bitch that has no circulation and is 21 and unemplyed and stays in there room all day and only leave once to take the stankiest most disrespectful shit and scavenge for food then complain theres no food.
this species is typical somali and you should run away as quickly as you can if you ever see one
omg its maymun run away run away from that pimply ass 5 head
by wild_child127 July 26, 2018
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