all person born on this day are hot af
- I was born on may 16th
+ no wonder ur hot af
by happybdaykam May 15, 2020
A song by Lagwagon on the CD "Let's Talk About Feelings"
wooooooooooooo I love listening to May 16th!!!
by Danagizzzzzzzle April 24, 2008
my outfit is matching my bitmoji outfit on may 16th
by lilboweep May 16, 2019
The day the most amazing person left this earth and went to a better place
Person1: what happened on may 16th?
Person2: the best person ever left.:(
by Jeof frey November 9, 2019
May 16th- Grab ass day. This is for the perverted middle schoolers. This is one day where you are aloud to grab someones ass. Have fun kids. Girls watch out!
Mike- Hey John it’s May 16th whos ass you grabbing today
John- See that thicc girl over there?
Mike- Yeah
John- Her
by Notyours.PERIODT May 15, 2019
Most people born on this day are complete and utter dumb bitches! This isn’t any normal day.... it’s a day when you can feel free to be as dumb as you like!!!!
OMG it’s May 16th :) !!! You know what that means Courtney? YOU’RE A DUMB BITCH :)
by dUmB bItCh :) October 17, 2019