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Someone who is acting or being a goofball. Can also break stuff easily (E.x. - phones, microwaves, chairs). Although exteremly goofy, they are overall a great person to be around. makes everyone laugh
Max almost broke the microwave because there was nothing in it. He's such a MAXHOLE!
by ghana3 August 18, 2009
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A classless individual who can't help looking like a douchebag despite occasional success. The term came into use after Max Hall, quarterback of Brigham Young University, went into a major rant calling University of Utah players and fans "classless" after a BYU victory over Utah on the last play of the game. He also said "I don't respect them, they deserved to lose" and accused Utah fans of pouring beer on his family the previous season. Ironically, game film showed Max Hall taunting and pushing Utah players after BYU won on the final play of the game.
After the narrow victory, the Cougar players behaved like maxholes as they taunted the other team.
by hcneom December 10, 2009
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