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1. Noise made when you jump on a fish.
2. The noises fish make out of water.
3. A fish on a bike saying something.
Discontented fish: "MAAAAWWWWP"
by Jeff24 December 19, 2004
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M.A.W.P. (Pronounced 'mop' with a new york accent")-The union of men that wait outside of women's bathrooms for their significant other.
M en
A gainst
W omen
P eeing
Dom: yo look at that giant Mawp over there!
Dan: woah the women's bathroom is creating a huge mawp!
by Dangles22 March 16, 2017
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(M)echanized (A)rmored (W)eapon (P)latform
Watch out for the MAWP.
by KenFBldr December 04, 2007
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