to give what you get basically.
ex: you need to match energy w john. if he's dry to you, be dry back.
by xxxx56xxxx February 7, 2018
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Like to be right up there with them. Your personalities match.

You match energy.
It's a way of saying your personalities and ur behavior just clicks together. You would have fun being around people you match energy with.
You need to find friends who match your energy.

Match energy
by Urfavoctoberbby February 8, 2022
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The way someone does you, you do back to them
April didn’t want to talk to Jalen so he said bet energy match energy and didn’t talk to her either
by JayDaGrape May 18, 2020
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Reciprocating one’s level of energy and feelings on a intellectual and or physical level.
no dude can ever match my energy because I apply pressure.
by Theyhate_nia June 20, 2022
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