Tomtheloser is a mastur, although you'd be lucky to catch him admitting it.
by Eroticus Prime November 26, 2004
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One who takes great pleasure in giving themselves great pleasure.
I am a mastur. But then again, so are you.
by Tom The Loser November 27, 2004
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1. the point in which a girl or fantasy girl has been mastured or been put in every situation thee masturbater can think of.
2. the point in which a masturbation of a situation the masturbater has thought of can not be made any better or can not be improved.
1. Guy1: Do you you remember that girl from last week?
Guy2: Of course i "mastured" her in one night.
2. Come on seriously i am not gonna display an example of this definition. I am sure the reader knows what i am talking about.
by Joe Kelly August 12, 2006
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One who has mastered the holy act of Masturbating.
dude, Jimmy is such a mastur

yah i know, i'm his roomate
by slarfuggle June 9, 2008
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When you are masturbating and your door bell rings.
by Nauruann April 12, 2015
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a general dumbass who smokes cereal and "sucks at halo".
however he has created his own language, known as Cheef Speak.
an example of this is: "why dun u smoek my poel?" or "i r coming 4 u tod lololololol"
Not to be confused with internet speak

see also: arby n' the chief
"y hello thar, i r mastur cheef! lolololol"
by A Sneaky Man June 6, 2009
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When a guy jacks off or (masturbates) too much he tends to develop a rash on the penis that can be very painfull.

a better way to describe it would be a mastur rash
"I like to use lube when i beat my meat, if i dont i'll get a mastur rash"
by cheeze kush 420 September 26, 2009
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