A yiddish term used as an exclamation to describe something as crazy or bizarre.
Oy veh, that putz has got to be mashugana to think I would go out with him!!
by Miss maya January 7, 2006
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jewish term for a jackass,dumbass,reeree
Ferny will you stop being such a mashugana and shut the fuck up!
by Bung Chop May 16, 2005
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A person who is easily distracted. Someone who's a sucker, very gullible, and easy to control.

Also used as a substitute for the term "bullshit"

Jewish/Amish origin.
Jon is such a mashugana sometimes.

What you just said is a bunch of mashugana.
by Crys Green November 5, 2006
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alicia:amberrrr i'm going to mashugana you
*karate chopes continuously*
by Alicia April 10, 2005
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