a weapon and or firearm
yo fam im pulling up with the masheen
by idkisaacccc January 1, 2023
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One who parties SO hard that calling them a "machine" simply won't do.

They must have tiger blood, must always be winning and must bang rocks no smaller than 7 grams.

An ode to Mr Charlie Sheen.
Aww man, Jeffro just banged another 7 gram rock, that dude must have tiger blood flowing through his veins. Not only is he winning, he is a MaSheen!
by JarrodJ March 11, 2011
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by bigmacniggadickcheese December 27, 2022
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Jamaican word for a thick or rotund female.
Yow masheen! A way of calling to a thick girl that you don't know her name. See that girl, She's a proper masheen.
by Odane July 4, 2019
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