Masc girl monday is when a girl wears clothes that are traditionally known as “masculine” on monday’s.
“hey why are you wearing that suit today”
haven’t you heard? it’s masc girl monday bitch!”
by ragingmascgirl June 30, 2020
A teddy bear masc is a masculine presenting lesbian that has curves or is thicker in their body. Usually teddy bear mascs are also softer and gentler than other mascs
my body is shaped like a coke bottle but i’m dressed like a fuck boy. i’m a teddy bear masc.
by peachthesnake September 22, 2022
a masculine lesbian who IS actually happy and smiles around the people who she loves. she will always be happy and optimistic. probably a hufflepuff and an enfp/estp. pls treat them well
person 1: “what do you call a happy masc lesbian who actually shows emotion?”

person 2: “oh, you mean a golden retriever masc lesbian!”
by rexistan March 1, 2022
Feeling more comfortable presenting as masculine however still under the umbrella of Transgender and Non-binary.
Example (A)

A: Hey, that person dresses like a boy but looks like a girl, what do you think their pronouns are?
B: Hey A, how bout you mind your fucking business before I make your pronouns stop/breathing

Example (B)

A: I feel much more comfortable presenting as masculine today, but I'm still Non-binary.
B: Yes and that's completely valid that you feel that way :)

Trans Masc Non-binary
by SlaydenIsWritingLosers September 15, 2022
A day where mascs (masculine women) are appreciated.
It’s national masc day! I appreciate you masculine hotties.
by beachcoke March 22, 2022
When some one is fake or being fake or hiding somewhere
She is so masc
She mascs all the time

She is mascing
by HZFLCCA January 11, 2022