A word of Indian origin, meaning mixture of spices. For example, the term "garam masala" -- literally a "hot mixture of spices" -- is a combination of ground roasted cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, cloves, and other spices. The term "masala" is used in a slang fashion to connote "an interesting mixture of things". For example, that was a "masala film with elements of a Bond movie, a comedy, and a date movie".
"That chicken tikka masala was delicious... I must get the recipe"
by Nik Dholakia August 21, 2006
To be on indian decent; in a sense of pride.

Describing someone of indian decent.
She's my Masala woman.

I've got much Masala.
by Scurr April 17, 2005
When something from the east meets somethin from the west or when someone meets juka.
Juka is alex's masala.
by juka January 3, 2005
A name of a 90s baby with inter-racial parents. When your mom and dad watched Mississippi Masala in the 1990s and loved the inter-racial relationship, they named their child - Masala.
My name is Masala.
by Masala from OK November 24, 2021
Secret recipe/masala which all Desi moms have for showing off their culinary skills in front of their families. Also called Chef’s best dish/recipes sometimes.
Afshan cooks really good food. She has a secret mommy masala in her hands. She is a wizard in the kitchen like Gordon Ramsay.
by Brocode89 April 12, 2020
A brutal wet fart after a big delicious Indian meal.
Ah, that palak paneer was so heavenly! ... (Farts) Oh shit, I think that was a wet masala! Better run to the shitter!
by PostalMonk November 29, 2008
A PIMP of indian standards dat provides how ever much he desires upon his ladkis, Not to be confused withe the Sugar daddy dat is widely popular in America. Masala daddies are known to be notoriously cheap, many question why would the girl remain under the constant care n watch of a masala daddy?, the answer is that the daddy is so stud n god like to the ladki she wants to stay wit him no matter how much he gives, be it 1 quarter or 2 quarters!
(masala daddy): here baby girl daddy gots u 2 shiny quarters!
(Ladki) oh thank u daddy!
(masala daddy) umm yea ima need change back for dat yo!
by RavivaR June 22, 2010