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A band that nobody really knows about. Including; Titanic Sinclair and of course, Mars Argo. Mars and Titanic broke off the band and Titanic moved on to bigger things -- a girl named That Poppy(Titanic is her cameraman.). I'm sure you've heard of that big Youtube star (Poppy) for her unique and weird videos. Anyway, Mars Argo made amazing music. Even if they aren't an active band anymore, give them a listen!
Ginger: This song by Mars Argo is so good!
Tom: Who the hell is that?!
by avaaavavavav January 04, 2017
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A crappy band made up of two people who have changed their real names in an attempt to sound more aloof and elite. Their music is made up of computer made electronic noises, cheap lyrics, and high pitched whines.
Matt: "What is this whiny hipster garbage pouring into my ears?"
George Moonbeam Ross: "It is my favorite band, Mars Argo!"
by insightfulraptor July 09, 2010
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