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Marisabel is a singer who kinda is good but bad at the same time she gets in trouble a lot a lot and always needs a hoddie cuz she never brings one and shes very smart just does not care, and she is a very good judge of personality and has a small group of friends because mostly all these ppl are fake asf, also shes a thicccy vicky haha sikkkkkkeee
marisabel is thiccc , marisabel is dumb
by hyt74uejfnvgyeijfe September 18, 2018
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marisabel stands for the singers name " maria isabel". She is now 10 years old and she had won a european singing contest when she was 9!
by bill hugby May 03, 2005
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Marisabel is a girl who don’t care about what others think, you will never find another person like her. She’s loyal and will be straight up with you. People will often say she’s mean and rude but she’s lowkey a real softy and will always protect who she cares for. She’s also a Latina with a strong personality. She’s loving and caring and can beat someone up. She’s always finding someone better than the last.
by Issaboom October 17, 2018
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