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A girl with one of the best personalities ever. Also super hot and awesome. They also have a really good taste in music and a positive attitude.
That person is such a mariette
by sl1m sh@dy November 28, 2011
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Mariettes are one of the best friends ever, so if you have one, keep her close because she will rock your world! She is extremely nice, honest, trustworthy, and just pretty damn cool. Mariettes tend to be kind of awkward at times, which gives her that unique quirkiness that just puts a smile on your face and love her even more. Mariettes know when to be calm and trustworthy and know when to be fun and outrageous. She is cool to hang around during the day, but when it turns to night she is let loose and Mariettes can turn completely WILD! Mariettes are so intelligent and smart it's unbelievable, and she loves her books, reading 24/7. Mariettes are tall and have an amazing body and a beautiful face. Her eyes twinkle and her nose crinkles up when she smiles and her hair shines in the sunlight, making her basically irresistible.
Did you see Mariette today?! She looks wildly gorgeous!
by snowbug August 19, 2013
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