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Someone who complains alot, moans about their life etc...

Usually used in the north of england.

Also a arctic monkeys song.
person one: "Oh god i wish i could have got arctic monkeys tickets"

person two: "stop being such a mardy bum"
by Greg Hartley, April 10, 2006
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northern english slang term. a mardybum is someone who is sulking or pouting for attention, due to something small or insignificant happening that causes minimum inconvenience. usually used as something to aggrovate a child into being more happy, a simple form of reverse psychology. recently immortalised in the seminal classic "mardybum" by the artic monkeys.
mother: (to child) what do you want for dinner?

**child fails to respond**

mother: ooohhh, you mardybum!


now then, mardybum! - arctic monkeys
by arto October 16, 2005
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1) A song by the Arctic Monkeys, who are a band from Sheffield, UK. The song is about the lead-singer's ex-girlfriend.

2) A fansite dedicated to the above band -

3) A collection of mardy and bum, someone who moans when they don't get their own way and yet don't do anything for themselves.
She's a right mardy bum!
by Fred88 March 06, 2006
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A girl with whom you would participate in anal sex with. Originating from the acronym M.A.W.U.D.B. Exclaimed when the girl is mentioned or seen.

Can be subsituted by any string of lyrics from the Arctic Monkeys song of the same name.
"Sean look at that girl over there"
"Mardy bum, mate"
by Thelads January 16, 2007
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