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A cheeky nandos is when you are shopping around the town centre with your fresh new nike air max trainers , stretch skinny jeans rolled up just once and your hype vest on. Joe suggests that you need to step up the banter. You and the lads gather up after listening to your favorite deep house tune and having a quick shuffelling sesh, decide to smash out a cheeky nandos before snap chatting that you are off to the gym.
Oi lads let's go for a quick cheeky nandos
by TheLADS May 15, 2015
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A girl with whom you would participate in anal sex with. Originating from the acronym M.A.W.U.D.B. Exclaimed when the girl is mentioned or seen.

Can be subsituted by any string of lyrics from the Arctic Monkeys song of the same name.
"Sean look at that girl over there"
"Mardy bum, mate"
by Thelads January 16, 2007
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