A man's non-homosexual guy friend that acts like a wife. Constantly checking in with him and wanting to know every little detail about everything he does. Usually ends up knowing more than the real wife.
Wife: "Your man wife is on the phone again, He needs his 30 minute update"
Husband: "Great! I can tell him about the pimple on my butt"
by The Real Mrs B April 27, 2010
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A man who acts like a wife
A man who represents a/the wife (even if he is not gay and is married to a woman)
A femanine man in a marrige
A man who you are married to and he likes to crossdress as a woman on a regular basis
a man who does woman things (esp steryotypical woman like things) in a marrige?

Gail: hey sally, you're Howard ok? :)
Sally: yea, he right over there busy as a bee :)*pointing*
Gail: *looking* oh, i see he's hoovering while dressed like a woman
sally : yea, he's great. he's my man-wife ^_^

" I wish Eddie Izzard was my man wife" :)
by Bunkey letwat October 21, 2007
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A bride that turns out to be a man.
Y helo thar, manwife! How are your breasts this fine day?
by Anon September 14, 2004
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