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A mantis type shrimp that lives in the ocean. It is a very creepy animal that you never want to tangle with.

There are two different types of mantis shrimp. One has a a hammer like claw, while the other has sharp claws that dig into your leg muscles. They are known to smash aquariums with their elbows.
BAM! I just got stabbed by a mantis shrimp. Now I'm dead.
by ryan April 16, 2004
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actually not a true Shrimp, it is actually a type of Stomotopod that frequently comes with live rock. It eats basically anything and can cause havoc in reef systems. Peacock Mantis' are known to grow up to 6'' and some species have the striking power of a .22 pistol! They're by far the coolest live rock hitchhiker. If you have a Mantis Shrimp, it may make a sharp CRACKING noise which means its banging or striking against the glass or something in your tank; known to eat coral, fish and inverts.
guy 1: Dude I just got a mantis shrimp in my live rock, he's so cool looking
me: You're so lucky man!
by PatC September 05, 2005
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