A ground based hover vehicle in UT2k4's onslaught mode that is good for transporting troops, has a funny horn and can squish the enemy. Sadly, they can be shot down with harsh language as their armor sucks.
Noobs always steal my manta when I get off it to repair the node they stand next to with 50 health without healing it.
by raZe February 20, 2004
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Deriving from the Lithuanian language, the name means that you are pretty much the boss, and large and in charge. A man by this name is most likely ripped, because of all the bacon and sausage consumed throughout his life. Also, accompanied by this name come the many skills of a Lithuanian, like black hops, 3 point range and the ability to pull off pumas with a track suit.
"Hey, what's that God-like figure strolling down the hallway"
"Oh that's Mantas, Duh, can't you tell by the pumas?"
by bootycall24361234 November 14, 2011
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A russian hot slav. Very strong and always supplies people. Very cold on the outside
Мантас лидер славян.
Mantas the leader of the slavs
by Mantastheslav October 01, 2019
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It is a name given to strong men. They are best in friend groups and quite attractive.
a woman: who is that beauty
other woman: he is deffinetly Mantas.
by KoolguynotM June 02, 2021
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1. A lazy room mate
2. A room mate who doesn't pick up after himself.
3. A room mate who plays video games more than CMBourdage but not a single game such as DoD
Manta is so lazy, he skipped morning run, went to breakfast, and went back to bed.

Gosh Darn it Manta! get your crap out of here!

Manta skipped class again so he could play cs source.
by nueb October 25, 2004
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A secret slang word only used by the craziest bitches on the block. Usually synonymous with pussy or more specifically the clitoris. It has also been known to refer to the sex act of having your hand in a girl's pants.

Some synonyms. Pussy, Clitoris and Pleasure Spot
It got crazy around the time he touched my manta.
by Greankitten April 27, 2018
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a double ray(s)
Put two rays together to make one.
Four in the pink four in the stink
'fats manta d a chick last night'
'i'd manta that'
'i'd give her a manta'
'your mum was a good manta'
by james March 07, 2005
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