Mansonite, A term used to categorize a person that listens Marilyn Manson. This person usualy follows his veiws and points as well as listens to his music, many say they are posers but aren't we all posers? Mansonites usualy go by what he is saying not like "fans" that just listen to his music many of them understand where he is coming from
Mansonite- I agree with Marilyn Mansons veiws although American aren't as individual as many want them to be there isn't such thing as individuality anymore, am I right?

"Goth" Bitch- POSER!
by Maggie April 12, 2005
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term to group listeners and followers of Marilyn Manson, usually with negative connotations if called one by non-mansonites, but no harsh tone if referred to by another mansonite.
hypocritical "goth" children who judge mansonites so harshly are either blind or eager to perpetuate what they supposedly fight against.
by Elijah D'aeh October 13, 2003
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In its simplest form, a Mansonite would be someone who listens to Marilyn Manson's music, and also agrees with his ways of thinking. Most likely a frequent poster on the Heirophant. Now a Mansonite could be some real goth who doesnt like to listen to any other stuff but NIN and MM, or it could be some poser type thinking that being a mansonite automatically makes you goth. I am a true Masonite and since when do i cut myself because thats what the goth kids do? i actaully do own clothes that are not just black (or red, if you count that) and i am quite okay with my life (a.t.m.) and i love marilyn manson not only as a band, but as a person as well, and so that is what makes me "real"
person 1: omg i like totally wuv mawiwyn manson. hes my wittle wuv bunny! im so gothy emo that i cut myself cuz his music tells me to! i am such a mansonite!!!
me: you idiot your a stupid emo kid who dresses in black and only listens to marilyn manson because he doesnt want to be called a true mansonite and so you shutup
person 2: yeah. i like. marilyn manson.
me: im sure...
by ky to the la November 27, 2005
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used to be: A poser who listens to Marilyn Manson way too much

now: since there are few left, the faithful fans that are still mansonites are the smarter and more interesting minority that gets dissed for no reason by "goths".
know-it-all goth bitch: Hey you poser mansonite stop whining!!

mansonite: you moron if you're so good why does your music sound like crap??

know-it-all goth bitch:hey i never thought of that!
*puts on a manson shirt and everybody holds hands and dances*
by shniblob March 04, 2004
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Mansonite: a dumb kid who worships Marilyn Manson (among Korn, Slipknot etc) often claiming they are "goth" without having any knowledge to how the scene was started.

Mansonites tend to "try too hard".
by Anonymous July 18, 2004
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A Mansonite is an avid follower of Marilyn Manson. It is also a derogatory term used by 'real' Goths (as in they think that Mansonites are trying to be goths). The fact that Mansonites usually are from the current generation and not an old fogey that likes Twisted Sister and all that old stuff which is 'where it all started'.....(right..)
"HAHAHA Wtf, look at that idiot old goth's ripped clothes, what a fuckin tosser, they should go burn some incense or do graveyard shit"

"Look at that Mansonite...theyre not as Goth as us, coz they havent spent as long if any time at all being depressed and contemplating suicide, how do they make us think theyre trying to be goths, how dare we care so much what someone else does!~!"

What's that? Your'e a fuckin loser that thinks you are really really really hardcore and gothic by paying out manson for trying to be agoth which he isnt anyway?? wow! youre so hardcore, i wish i could slash my wrists as wellas you, or be on welfare as hardcore as you!!!
by Mansonite515 May 13, 2004
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A self-proclaimed moron who labels themselves "goth", and listens to MTV-friendly forced angst crap like Korn and predominantly Marylin Manson. They have no idea of where "goth" music evolved before it was corrupted by Hot Topic chains, and do not know who the Bauhaus, Das Ich, etc. are.
Insulting term used among intelligent people.
I fucking hate those mallpunk mansonites.
by John September 05, 2003
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