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Manski is a word used to "holla" at one of your boys. It can also be used to describe someone who is "the man".
yo manski pack me a billy
yo brinks tapped like nine bitches tonight, hes the manski
by Mendelbomber January 14, 2006
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The Act of Boner Poking your friends when they bend over at a 90o angle to pick something up or are bent over not paying attention.(if you give the Manski you MUST declare the other person gay otherwise YOU are, infact, the gay one)
Big Willy bent over to pick up his tool box and Farrar snuck up behind him to boner poke him, yelling "Manski Bitch!!! you are sooo fucking gay and you love dudes."
by BranFarrar October 20, 2007
Happy St. Patties Day!