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Primarily afflicting adult males, mansick occurs when the afflicted has an illness, injury or malady that immediately reduces him to an infantile state. At this time the individual becomes toddler like in needs and demands. Often will require full attention from those who are in his vicinity and will not be satisfied until every person in a 3 mile radius knows and is as miserable as he is. Intolerant of any other person who is not waiting on him and his demands at lightening speed. Can resemble a full blown narcissist at this time.
Can I stay with you for a couple of days? My roommate is mansick.
by wahinecruzen February 09, 2019
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(adj) longing for men and/or boyfriends related to separation by distance or existence. Symptoms include an intense ache for male attention, the desire to hold hands and/or cuddle, obsession with any guy that gives you attention, and, in extreme cases, the contemplation of a "NCMO" with the first guy you see.
I just want someone to hold me, I think I might be getting mansick.
by VirginLips October 30, 2011
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