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the itchy feeling one gets when hair removed by means of manscaping begins to grow back
"My balls are manscraping, from that damned manscaping!"
by Master Pita November 06, 2006
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(a.k.a., manscaping): the philosophy and practice that men should destroy natural manifestations of their masculinity by shaving, clipping, depilating, lasering, or otherwise desecrating the hair of pubes, pits, chests, legs, etc., in a misguided attempt to appear more like pre-pubescent boys for the gratification of old pervs and/or domineering women; the psychological equivalent of castration.
Manscraping: My buddy told me his girl wouldn't go down on him until he manscraped his pubes. What a castrating bitch!

Manscraping: Coach told all the guys on the team they had to manscrape their pits if they wanted to play. What a perv!
by SteveXS January 14, 2012
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