A Manhattan Transfer is when someone shits directly into someone elses anus.
Stephen gave me a Manhattan Transfer after hearing my story about the Holocaust.
by Chud June 19, 2005
v. the processes of inserting a tube between two anuses, allowing the free flow of feces between the two anal cavities
He gave her a manhattan transfer, allowing the free flow of feces between the two of them.
by Dan Wade February 7, 2003
An extremely cooooool vocal jazz group comprised of Tim Hauser (founder), Alan Paul, Cheryl Bentyne, and Janis Siegler. Have been recording for more than 20 years!
The Manhattan Transfer is coming to OKC and I want to get tickets!
by Hallie Corson October 20, 2004
A manhattan transfer is also when a man takes a dump, freezes it, and then uses it as a dildo on a woman.
Girl: Yeah, frank just freezed his feces and used it as a dildo on me , as in a manhattan transfer
by JesusChrist___sdf May 28, 2006
When a man and woman, man and man or a woman and woman get on all fours. They have to be ass to ass, all the while making sure the assholes align. Then one sexual partner tries to shit a fudge log into the asshole of the other. The stool sample must be solid in order to avoid a derailment.
I heard that your mom tried to give your dad a"Manhattan Transfer" but there was a derailment and there were no survivors.
by The "R" February 17, 2010
A man and a woman get into the "69" position and unload a nice thick log into each others mouth.
Judy and I did the Manhattan Transfer last night after a huge dinner!
by John Cakely April 2, 2007
Sex act in which a fart is transferred from one partner's anus to the other partner's anus through a straw.
Travis wanted to try a Manhattan Transfer but we didn't have a straw so he just farted on my balls.

by xJ35U5x January 22, 2006