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1. a large penis

2. a unit of measure 8-10 units long (units can vary, siegler is a number)
1. "Did you see his siegler?"

2. "How many people did you invite?"

"Oh, about a siegler or two."

3. "Dude I was about three sieglers away from asher roth!!"
by Edmonson Schviene August 11, 2009
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noun; Old man with a weight problem and an insatiable urge to listen to 80's music and have 8-year-old girls pile on top of him. When the word Siegler is mentioned, sudden doom is imminent.
I'm in before the Siegler.
by Excessive Force February 23, 2004
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A feltcher by nature, this wisconsin native commits obscene sexual acts such as skull fucking paraplegics and shipping rimmers
Oh God, OH god no, Oh Oh Oh god no, Ohhhh God No, Ummmmmm Yeah Awww Aww God, Thats it, Jason.
by God Dan September 11, 2004
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