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A person wearing an out-of-fashion shirt with wide sleeves, the excess fabric dangling down if he or she lifts up his or her arms, like the wings of a bat.
George is looking like a real manbat today, in that 90s striped shirt!
by ravingrem April 13, 2015
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1. A half man half bat like creature, the manbat was previously thought to have been only a mythological beast referred to in stories and fairy tales, not unlike gargoyles, smurfs, yarraman and the mysterious schoolies rapist; dune man. Until recently there has been little evidence to prove the existance of manbats, going only the obscure photographs taken at wild spa parties where people who will remain anonymous got their gear off and made sweet sweet aqua-love.

2. The penis of a man, not to be confused with the penis of a woman. Defined by the man in manbat.

3. A reverse batman.
1. The man bats have been lurking around the farm recently, last week they smoked 3 of my crops and ate my cat stumps

2. Bitch bit the end offa my manbat

3. Batman is nothing but a fakebat, manbats are where its at...
by orgaz January 30, 2006
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